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Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo? Well its hard not to know where Waldo is, he is 20 lbs. heaver and a very active male mix of mostly European Doberman with a little Wiermaraner thrown in. Reesie’s passing had bothered Sue and I more than I thought any pet would. I lost 8   pounds (Reesie’s last gift to me), the first week. So to fill the ache in our hearts, Sue, Syd, and I headed down to the Cincinnati Doberman rescue to see whats available. Syd was representing our Grandchildren for both approval and compatibility.  This is the place where Sue found Reesie, and it is here where we found the most laid back...

Our Best Friend

Our Best Friend What do pets mean to us? Saturday started so wonderful, I forced myself to do get out and exercise early, after a minor workout  my son dropped Armand  (My little Buddy ) off at L A Fitness, and we proceeded  home. The AM was so beautiful ,after many days of heavy rain, I gathered up Sue and Reesie, our faithful Dobie, and headed to a nearby park walking site.  Unfortunately, while I was putting on  Armand’s braces for the walk, Reesie who had already been let out had heart failure and died right in front of  Sue, she was only 7 1/2. What do pets mean to us? Reesie, who was...

On Top of Ol’ Smokey

On Top of Ol’ Smokey The week before Easter Sue and I joined 84 photographers from Southwestern Ohio plus a few representing four other states, for a week in the Smokey Mountains. Organized by Julie Guenther, who has been doing this for around 18 years. Organized is not quite the word for everything she does. Scout leader, cat wrangler,  maybe facilitator. What a great time, as newbies we fell right in with fellow shooters! What did we shoot? Landscapes, rapids, waterfalls, wild life, flowers, settlers cabins (plus farms and churches), sunrises, sunsets, and full moon rising from the top of Eastern U.S. 2nd...

I’m Psyched

I’m Psyched Tuesday morning, I will be getting up early and driving two hours to Indianapolis to attend “The Flash Bus 2011 Tour.” The Tour which is winding down is a one day workshop on using off camera small flash, given by two of the very best in the business, Joe McNally and David Hobby. I am familiar with both of their teachings. Joe by way of a week long photography workshop fin Sante Fe, sponsored by National Geographic. I also own two books and a Nikon DVD by him, and am a reader of his humorous and instructive blog. David was the first to uncomplicate small flashes for me by way of...

My Little Buddy

My Little Buddy This is Armand! Armand (or ASH, my contribution to his many nicknames) is the youngest of my six grandchildren. I am closest to Ash, both parents work, he lives close, so we have spent two to four days together most weeks of his two years. While I am closest to ASH, I don’t love him more than the other granchildren. I am very fortunate to be a grandfather to five others, four young ladies and one young man, Each with very different and unique personalities. But they do have a lot in common. They are all extremely well raised, polite, of course handsome, and healthy. Ash shares...

Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish We’ve been beaten, burned, and enslaved; Starved from our lands where aour fathers dug their graves; Never loosing faith we have fought for every mile; Still no matter where you go you’ll always find an Irish smile. Lyrics from Luck of the Irish, by Ian Byrne Well good news this St. Patrick’s Day, my favorite Irish group will be back in Dayton for one day at our July / August Celtic Festival along with several other major Irish band headliners. I love photography of all sorts (never have done food), and it was at the Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival, where I first...

On Being a Pawparazzi

On Being a Pawparazzi Saturday night Sue and I went to the Greene shopping mall (designed as a cityscape) to photograph their Christmas Square. Unfortunately light from  street lights drew too much attention away from the main subject and I was not happy with any pictures. We did however get some great animal pictures at our monthly duty at the Dayton Humane Society. Our assignments were all cats, the kennel was closed. We are part of an eight person group (the Pawparrazi) that volunteers to photograph and upload to the Society’s web site, the new adoptable animals. If you live in the Miami Valley...

Christmas Pictures

Christmas Pictures Sue and i went out over the weekend to take photographs for the Gallery and possibly use on Christmas cards. unfortunately nothing really stood out. I am going to try again tonight , hoping to capture a least one great one. time is getting short.

Ireland – Our Last Day

Ireland – Our Last Day   “Nil aon tintean do thintean fein.” There is no fireside like your own fireside. Irish Proverb Well here I sit with a glass of Jameson and water by my side, no ice (the Irish way), in a hotel lobby near the Shannon airport. I am going to find it hard to write this. Today we basically retraced our steps back from the west coast through Limerick. We did cross to the North of the Dingle Peninsula to find a hidden gem, too well hidden, and got caught in a major traffic jam in Tralee (40th annual Rose of Tralee festival), and Sue almost went through the windshield when I stopped...

Ireland – Sunday

Ireland – Sunday “Ireland is a peculiar society in the sense that it was a nineteenth century society up to about 1970 and then it almost bypassed the twentieth century.” – Author John McGahern   We are now in Dingle, co. Kerry, probably the most interesting area that we will explore on our own. When we get up the weather is not soft, it’s a pouring, windy rain. So we retreat to the B&B common room to key word photos and practice new water color techniques. Lo and behold, around noon the weather turned beautiful, so we began our tour of ferry forts, magnificent cliffs,...

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