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Today I will be downloading lots of photos, we are at a B & B in Dingle that has internet access. Last night they were closing the internet café before I could download. In the rush I mixed the order of days, but for the few people that are following this I am sure you figured it out. Today we drove the Ring of Kerry. Following the directions in Rick Steves’ book we only saw two buses before Waterville (the tip of the peninsula), and none after. The scenery was nice but not different than we have seen in co. Mayo earlier. We then continued to Dingle, this 200 mile trip took about 8 hours, with no lost hubcaps, Olcan would be proud. Correction; the Beara ring I believe was misspelled. Probably not the first one on my blog, but one I ment to look up before posting and did not. More differences in culture:

Cheese is served with most Irish breakfasts, especially when not eating the fried Irish breakfast, but the fruit and oatmeal one,however most places you get it all!

No forests, paper is at a premium. Napkins are small, in a class hotel TP was small sheets dispensed like Kleenex. Napkins are never served with ice cream, so you eat it fast.

Ireland is way ahead of us in green technology, you would be proud of them Maddy. There are recycling bins (usually in sets of 5), even in remote sections. They are starting to practice “farm to fork” (supermarkets buying as much as possible locally, saving on transportation waste), which is only being talked about in USA.

No washcloths anywhere.

Their Prime Minister makes more than President Obama. This really irks many Irish people.

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