My Little Buddy

This is Armand!

Armand (or ASH, my contribution to his many nicknames) is the youngest of my six grandchildren. I am closest to Ash, both parents work, he lives close, so we have spent two to four days together most weeks of his two years. While I am closest to ASH, I don’t love him more than the other granchildren. I am very fortunate to be a grandfather to five others, four young ladies and one young man, Each with very different and unique personalities. But they do have a lot in common. They are all extremely well raised, polite, of course handsome, and healthy. Ash shares all of the forementioned traits except the last. While praying for a medical miracle, as it stands now, Ash has only about ten more years to share with me. He has a genetic disorder called GM1 Gangliosidosis. More information about the disease can be found on my son’s Blog , a link is provided on the sidebar. As of now it has only effected his ability to walk normally and his speech, which is also effected by an unrelated hearing problem. But we communicate well with hugs, smiles, laughs, and an occasional pout. My serious side of photography is, for a better term,  fine art, but for family and friends I  love portraiture. Ash helps me put all those lessons from DVD’s, books, and workshops by Joe Mcnally and David Hobby to work.

Ash’s father wrote a few days ago about “living in a bubble, with a bubble“, the theme emphasises while how unlucky we may feel with Armand’s prognosis, we are also so fortunate to have him grace our lives . When we meet in the AM for our days together I am always greeted with a wonderful smile, and usually a hug with the little hand patting me on my back as it wraps around me as if to say Grandpa we are going to have a wonderful day together!

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  2. […] forced myself to do get out and exercise early, after a minor workout  my son dropped Armand  (My little Buddy ) off at L A Fitness, and we proceeded  home. The AM was so beautiful ,after many days of heavy […]

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