Our Best Friend

What do pets mean to us? Saturday started so wonderful, I forced myself to do get out and exercise early, after a minor workout  my son dropped Armand  (My little Buddy ) off at L A Fitness, and we proceeded  home. The AM was so beautiful ,after many days of heavy rain, I gathered up Sue and Reesie, our faithful Dobie, and headed to a nearby park walking site.  Unfortunately, while I was putting on  Armand’s braces for the walk, Reesie who had already been let out had heart failure and died right in front of  Sue, she was only 7 1/2.

What do pets mean to us? Reesie, who was meant to be Sue’s dog, came into my life when I , a recovering cancer patient who had kept in decent shape most of my life, had gained lots of weight and did little exercise. I became the one to take her out to the local golf course for her to run. I started walking two holes and advanced to walking several miles, I became friends with  other dog walkers, which resulted in being an active volunteer in the local Humane Society. That led to an eventual membership in the “Pawparrazi” a group of photographers who photographed the Humane Society animals for there web site.

More than an introducer, she provided humor, adventure, and (the most important pet feature), unconditional love to our daily lives. To be greeted every AM with the famous Dobie smile (which unfortunately looks mean in photos), to come home to an over eager welcome, and when I gave the OK to ride with me I marvelled at her unbridled excitement. When my Father entered a nursing home she would make the hour and half round trip with me to visit. And while there she would comfort many of the patients. Her favorite comfort was to lay her head on the leg of a wheel chair bound patient while being petted.

Reesie you meant a lot to us, but our time together was far too short!

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  1. Brenda Rumbaugh says:

    Jim&Sue, We were so sorry to hear about Reesie, She will be greatly missed. Jim the story and pictures are wonderful.

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